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My name is George Szymanski and my amateur radio station is located in Sariaya, Quezon Province, 80km south of Manila. I am a member of the Radio Society of Great Britain, RSGB, Philippine Amateur Radio League Inc., PARL, and the Philippine Amateur Radio Association, PARA, www.para.org.ph .

Please also look at my HamShack.com page, http://www.myhamshack.com/DU1GM/
I update this fairly occasionally. Once every ten years maybe...

I used to be quite active in various ocean locations signing as GM4COK/MM until I retired in the middle of 2003. For more information please look on the Maritime Mobile page using the link above.

We moved to this QTH in the middle of June 2010. My wife Mayet is also licensed and her call sign is DV1JAZ. Our junior op, Paul, was born on November 27th 2010! He seems to be training to be a stuntman when he grows up! I really must update the pictures, Paul will be starting Grade 5 this year and Chesca Grade 7. Schools are still closed here until August because of the virus.

My ham radio activities have taken a huge hit because I suffer from diabetes and had my right leg amputated below the knee in December 2019.

Paul in a guava tree! Paul and his cousin Cheska who lives with us.


QSL address....

George Szymanski

Velasco Street

Brgy. Concepcion 1

Sariaya 4322

Quezon Province

Republic of the Philippines


QSL also LotW

Direct QSL's preferred, $2 in green stamps or $3 via PayPal.

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IRC's are not accepted here. Bureau cards will take much longer to deal with....


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